The Dog Days of Summer Soaps

The Dog Days of Summer Soaps have been set, and will be ready to ship out tomorrow! There are only (2) of these available.
Freshly picked sunflower petals and poppyseeds adorn these soaps, made with a mix of vegetable glycerin and coconut milk. Calendula, Argan, Sandalwood, Brazilian Orange and Ginger Essential oils and Honey give your sun-kissed, dog-days-of-summer skin the hydration, protection, nourishment, exfoliation, and love it needs to get you through the rest of the season.
Each soap weighs in at 4oz, and you can find them in the Storefront here.
Locals (to Dover, New Hampshire, USA), hit me up before purchasing, and I can drop it off for free and save you on shipping fees!

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