SALE on pre-made Soaps!!

So, I have some sample soaps already made, that I need to find good homes for, before a bunch of new molds arrive…I need the space! HELP! All are at least 15% off (shipping not included). Starting from the top, left-to-right:

1. (2) Tattoo After Care Soaps: 3oz bars made with Arnica Flower, Coconut Milk, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Helichrysum, Calendula & Hemp Seed Oils & Honey, these bars help decrease pain & inflammation, help protect fresh ink from bacteria and outside elements, help with stress, and keep the ink bright. Was $13, now $11.05.

2. (2) Dog Days of Summer Soaps: 4oz bars with both veggie glycerin & coconut mol, fresh sunflower petals, poppy seeds, Sandalwood, Brazilian Orange, Ginger, Calendula & Argan oils, and Honey. Was $12, now $10.20!

3. (2) Lego Massage Bar Soaps: Made with Mugwort leaves, Honey, Bergamot, Camphor, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass and Calendula essential oils, this bar both massages, keeps skin healthy and glowing, and hydrates while giving gentle exfoliation.
Was $13, now $11.05!

4. ‘Do Not Drop’ Subtle Words Soap: This 4oz body bar is a triple-layer beauty, with the words “Do Not Drop” subtly stamped onto the top layer. Top layer includes honey, the middle layer includes dried orange peel, and the bottom contains fresh honeysuckle flowers and lime sage leaves. All layers are made with Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Marjoram, Calendula, Almond and Hemp Seed Essential oils. You get the best of both worlds, with gentle exfoliation with the orange peel, and the hydration of the Coconut Milk. Was $13, now $11.05!

5. The Owen’s Sisters Soap: This 4 oz. double-layer soap has Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Calendula oils, activated Charcoal, and fresh mint leaves from the garden. The clear layer has Rose Hip, Ginger, Calendula & Almond oils, Honey, and Rose Petals. The charcoal gives gentle exfoliation while the Rose Hip oil keeps skin young and hydrated. Was $12, now $10.20!

6. The Three Sisters Soaps: This set includes (3) 2 oz. “100% Hand Made” soaps. All are made with Lilac, Calendula and Almond Essential oils, Honey, and New Hampshire-grown lilac flowers. The soap in the center has 2 layers, one with Vegetable Glycerin and the other with Coconut Milk. Lilac-flower soaps will not be available again until next year, so grab these while you can! Was $12, now $10.20!

7. Portrait of a Lilac Soap: This 4 oz. oval soap bar is made with Lilac, Calendula and Almond Essential Oils, Honey, Coconut Milk and NH grown Lilac Flowers. This beauty have 2 layers, and all bear a different lilac “portrait” made with the flowers. This will be the only batch available until next May, and there’s one left! Was $17, now $13.60!

8. The Laughing God Soap: The Laughing God brings good luck and fortune. This soap is approximately 4.25 in. x 3.25 in. x 1 in. This Buddha was made with Rose Petals, Honey, and Rose, Turmeric, and Calendula oils. Was $12, now $10.20!

9. This soap on a rope combines both our oval and rectangle 1 oz soaps. There are (3) yellow rectangles, and they are made with fresh honeysuckle from my garden, dried orange peel, coconut milk, honey, honeysuckle, lime, ginger and coconut essential oils. The (2) green soaps have both vegetable glycerin and coconut milk, lavender, almond and calendula essential oils. Was $16, now 13.60!

First ones to hit me up with their mailing address and choices, get them! If you are buying more than one soap, please do not buy from storefront, as I will combine shipping rates for you!

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