Protecting Endangered Plants

Back in October, I began my journey to become a Sacred Gaian Herbalist, and enrolled and started a three year Apprenticeship with Jessica at Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals in Barrington, NH. I realized, my entire life. that I had looked at herbs, roots and plants mostly as culinary, or aesthetic. and never medicinal, and wanted to change that.

When I started making soaps professionally, and bringing these amazing-for-you products to the public, I wanted to do more than just offer healthy, smells-good options for soap and body products. I also wanted to walk through the woods, or any where in nature, and be able to identify the life around me, and know the benefits they may offer, or not. Forge them, in the most respectful way possible, and be able to offer them to you, and the amazing healing power of plants. I wanted to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Not only for myself, but for this planet.

I wanted my products to help, to heal, to comfort, and to nourish the users mind, body and soul. I want to know everything about plants, and the magical ways they help and heal us, so I can bring those amazing healing properties to you.

Through this journey, I quickly became a member of the United Plant Savers. One of the first things they send, is a current list of the At-Risk Plants. As I looked it over, I was sad to see both Sandalwood and White Sage on the list.

And, because of this, and the importance of saving these magical herbs, plants and trees, Sassy Soaps will no longer be offering either of these as ingredient options for any soap or body care products.
If I had been aware of this list before, I never would have started using or offering them, and I highly, HIGHLY encourage you to stop buying and using products with either of these in them. There are many wonderful alternative options for both sandalwood and white sage, and we need to each take action to help preserve these precious beings from being wiped out forever.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but the importance of keeping these species on our planet, and not helping contribute to the stealing of these plants and trees from Indigenous lands, so they can be available to the public, is more important than any of our feelings or inconvenience, and I would be happy to discuss other safe and natural alternatives to both of these amazing beings of our planet with any of you, at any time.

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