‘Oh, hello LOVE!’ Gift Sets (and a new soap!!)

As someone who has been single for quite some time (and, by the looks of it, WIILL be for quite some time), I see so much of what I call ‘the singles hate’, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and want to try and change that. It’s a day to celebrate LOVE. What many forget, is that LOVE comes in many forms, and can come from many places, not just a spouse or romantic partner. It comes from family, from friends, and it comes from within.
Self LOVE is one of those things we put aside, save for later when we “have time”. But self LOVE should be practiced every day. It is as important as breathing! Attracting LOVE is also important.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate LOVE! Whether you are married, taken, single, or not sure where you stand, you should always LOVE yourself!

Introducing the “Oh, hello LOVE!” soap! This LOVE Park, Philly PA-inspired 5oz. soap is made with the intentions of attracting LOVE. Whether it is self LOVE, new LOVE, rekindling a lost LOVE, or welcoming LOVE from your partner, each soap holds a Rose Quartz stone to carry and use after, and is infused with a Self-Love Empowerment oil.

Soaps have Coconut Milk, Vitamin E oil, Lavender, Rose, Vanilla, and Calendula Essential oils, dried Lavender and Rose petals, and can be ordered HERE.

Gift sets also come with a tube of our new Rose Geranium Lip Balm, a wooden Happy Valentine’s Day decorative sign, a solo-use ‘Urantia’ Bath Salt & Foot Soak, and this cute heart-adorned gift bag to put it all in. I will even gift wrap it for you upon request at no additional charge, so why not treat yourself!

There are only 3 of these gift sets available, click HERE to get yours!

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