We love Calendula (and why you should, too)

This amazingly-hardy plant is a burst of medicinal sunshine, and is also edible. Calendula not only helps skin retain moisture and stay hydrated, but it promotes cell repair and growth, making it a powerful vulnerary. The flower is also a powerful antiseptic and is anti-inflammatory. Used topically, it helps keep infections at bay, and is often used to treat bruises, burns, sores, skin infections & ulcers, and rashes.
It is a soothing and gentle flower, and is safe for babies, and often used to treat diaper rash, cradle cap, other skin irritations, and even thrush.
Calendula is also one of the most popular herbs in nourishing and cleansing the lymphatic system and assisting with swollen glands. It also works to help stimulate lymphatic drainage, and move congestion out of the body.

We use Calendula oil in all our soaps, and many of our herbal remedies and treatments. Isn’t it time you starting treating your skin and soul to the same love? Let’s talk.


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