The Beauty of Butterfly Pea Flowers

You may have seen these beautiful purple flowers during the summer, or maybe at your favorite bar, in a new, pretty purple cocktail. But what are Butterfly Pea Flowers, and what can they do for your hair, skin, and health?
These flowers are ruled by Venus, and are connected to Water. They have attributes of love, emotion, serenity and protection, and symbolize the perfect attachment to the divine (as you can see by their Latin name, Clitoria ternatea, and their appearance).
Butterfly Pea Flowers also inhibits glycation, the main metabolic process that leads to aging & the wrinkling of skin.
It is also regarded as a brain tonic.
Butterfly Pea Flowers stimulate acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that declines as we age, but is responsible for so much! It affects our muscle movement, sensation of pain, and learning and memory formation. It’s also involved in the regulation of our endocrine system, which affects our hormone balance and REM sleep).
Butterfly Pea Flowers also have phenolic compounds that have antioxidant properties that support liver health, and is anti-microbial, which reduces postprandial glucose levels, helping Diabetics and blood sugar imbalances.
These flowers are also rich in ternatins, which alleviate inflammation and help prevent cancer cell growth, They also contain a potent bioflavonoid called anthocyanin, which increases blood flow to the scalp, and helps promote healthy hair growth. It is also a natural darkening agent, and can help keep hair your natural color longer, or even darken it.

We will be offering butterfly pea flowers as an addition to our hand-poured soaps, and it will be featured in our shampoo bars, which will be released soon.
We also have some tea blends and decoctions that we will be offering, and butterfly pea flowers will be included in some blends we will be featuring.
Meanwhile, we have chemical-free bug repellents available, for our gardening and outdoor-loving friends! Get ready for spring! Lip balms and selected soaps are also on sale, so check them out.
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