Pre-Orders For our NH Lilac Soaps are now live!

It’s that time of year again, and the lilacs are out in full bloom here in New Hampshire, and smell as divine as always!
We are now taking pre-orders and deposit’s for our NH Lilac Soaps.

Each soap will be made with a Coconut milk and veggie glycerin base, and will contain Lilac and Tea Tree Essential oils, Calendula and Hemp Seed oils, ground oats, and fresh NH Lilac Petals.

Each $5 deposit is non-refundable, and will be credited to your soap order when it is completed. You will be invoiced for your remaining balance, and any shipping fees, before shipments will be sent.
These soaps are only made once a year, and I am only going to harvest the lilacs needed, so don’t sleep on these spring beauties!

Our 4oz soap is $12, and the 5oz is $15 (plus shipping, if applicable). To pre-order your soap(s), click below.
Sassy Skin & Soul Care’s NH Lilacs Soap Pre-Order

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