Say hello to The Chakra Soap Line!!

For the past few months, I have been studying up on our Chakras, and how they can affect not only our mental state, but our physical and emotional states as well, and how we can keep these ever-important energy discs spinning, allowing us to live our truest, best, most honest self.
There are daily chakra rituals that you can practice, that will help keep these spaces free, and the energy to flow freely throughout your body, including yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and using herbs and plants that work with each particular chakra.
We have created a soap line that addresses each of the (7) major Chakras, and are so happy to present them to you!
Each soap can be ordered individually, as well as in a bundle of all 7 for a discount. Please click below to read about the Chakras, and soaps we offer to aide in keeping your positive energy flowing, and help you live your best life.

Sassy Chakra Soaps

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