About Us & Where We Are

Meet SassDeluxe

Christy (SassDeluxe) grew up in southern Maine, went to school in Massachusetts, and has been between there and Chicago ever since. She has always dabbled in art, having studied at both Mass College of Art, and photography at NESOP in Boston, and has a degree in Business Management. She has been creating handmade soaps for over 20 years, and is currently studying with Jessica at Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals in Barrington, New Hampshire, to become a Sacred Gaian Herbalist.

Why Sassy Soaps?

Our skin is our biggest organ, and is affected by so many outside elements. We wanted to provide the highest quality soap, made only with natural, amazing ingredients that nurture, protect, support, and make you and your skin look and feel amazing. You know, ingredients nature intended. Most are not aware of the chemicals often used in many of the popular soaps and body washes you buy in big stores. They claim “natural”, and throw the word “vegetable” around, but are often using synthetic, chemical-ridden ingredients.
Our soaps have no chemicals, preservatives, or anything synthetic. Nothing from stopping the essential oils and natural additives from working their way into your skin, and working their magic. Just natural goodness that will only benefit your skin and soul, and make them thrive.

Dealing with psoriasis, hives, skin redness or irritation? I dare you to try our soaps.
See what pure, natural, amazing ingredients will do.

Not only are our products vegan, but are safe for the environment, and packaged with earth-friendly options that can either be re-used, or composted. No big plastic bottles or containers, no landfill waste.

All of our molds can also be customized with your favorite essential oils and natural additives, or can be ordered as described. If you want to know what skin benefits our ingredients can provide, we list those on our Essential Oils & Natural Additives page.

And, every time you buy from us, you are supporting a very small, woman owned business that genuinely appreciates your support, and keeps us living the dream, one more day. We also donate to many organizations (more info on them below), including Buckle Up For Chi, The Human Rights Campaign, and the Social Justice Scholarship at Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals in Barrington, NH.

Where We Are

Sassy Soaps is based in Dover, New Hampshire, and has a 24-hour online store. Customers in our local area can always arrange a pick-up time with Christy here in town for any order, to save on shipping.
Large pieces and furniture is always local pick-up only.
We can ship our soaps, body products and other smaller items anywhere in the world. International customers, please contact us before placing an order for your exact shipping rates.
We will be making public appearances and selling our wares at the following Markets and Fairs:

Holiday Pop-Up Shopping Event @ Alex & Associates, Keller Williams
1 Windhaven Dr. Rochester, NH
Thu Dec 1st 5 – 8p

Holiday Craft Fair, Somersworth High School, 11 Memorial Dr. Somersworth, NH
Saturday, Dec 03rd 9a-3p

Common Roots Holiday Vendor Show, 2203 Ocean Blvd. Rye, NH
Saturday, Dec 10th 12p – 3p

2203 Ocean Blvd. Rye, NH 7a – 7p.
Common Roots is a beach cafe and market specializing in plant-based food, local gifts, groceries and beach day necessities and rentals.

601 Islington St. Portsmouth, NH
If you find yourself in Portsmouth’s West End, you can find our
Tattoo After Care Soaps at Worship Tattoo.

26 Barton Hill Rd. East Hampton, Connecticut
Our soaps are now offered to guests of The Bevin House Bed & Breakfast in East Hampton, CT. Book your stay with them by calling 860-310-4913.

Who We Support & Donate To

The Social Justice Scholarship at Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals
The proceeds of our Gaia Soap are given to Blackbird’s Daughter Botanicals for their Social Justice Scholarship for BIPOC and Trans/GNC Students. We also make soaps to stock the Apothecary that are given to this program. We appreciate your support and sales of these soaps, and even though it is a small gesture, we are hoping to pave the way for more awareness, and more ways to give back to those we have taken so much from.

Sass is a huge supporter of Buckle Up For Chi, and organization made to spread the importance of wearing a seat belt any time you travel, in honor of Chi Cheng of Deftones. Chi passed away in 2013 due to complications from being in a coma, after getting in a car accident while not wearing his seat belt, only a few miles from his house. Please visit: https://www.buckleupforchi.com/ for more information, or to buy merch and donate. Buckle up for Chi, for your friends and family, for YOU. The life you save could be your own.

Sass believes in the equality FOR ALL, and will always be in support of people of all nationalities, sex, creed and religions, and is LGBTQ-friendly. We proudly donate a proceed of all Pride Rainbow Soaps sold to
The Human Rights Campaign.

All soaps are external use only. Sassy Soaps is not responsible for where you put your soaps, and what happens when you do.

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