How To Order

If it’s one thing we are here, it’s flexible. All soap molds are shown with the sample I made, with ingredients listed. Specify whether you want to order it as-is, or want to customize it with your favorite oils and additives. Soaps on our “The Staples” page are made as-is.
We are also offering our handmade items, including hanging lanterns, artwork & collage, cork trivets & coasters, and repurposed & refurbished home items and furniture, as well as awesome finds from other small business owners. Most items can be shipped (excluding furniture & large items, those are pick-up only). Send in an inquiry with what items you want, and include your mailing address, and we will invoice you with your total, and an exact shipping fee.
If you are local to Dover, New Hampshire, we can arrange for a pick up or drop-off and save on shipping fees.

For Our Hand-Poured, Custom Vegan Soaps:

Pick Your Mold(s)

Scroll through our different mold pages, and make a list of your faves. Prices are listed in the soap description, and usually include 2-5 essential oils and natural additives. Special custom orders are accepted, and will be priced accordingly.

Pick Your Essential Oils and Additives

Check out our available Essential Oils and Natural Additives, and let me know what your favorites are. You can get as specific as letting me know what oils/additives you want in each particular soap, or give me a list, and let me choose and mix and match for you. I will happily provide suggestions if you are unsure, or need recommendations, like musky & woodsy, floral, citrus, or other options.
If you are wondering what benefits each oil and additive has for your skin and health, you can find that following our list of available additives.

Send In Your Request

Go to our Contact Form here, and fill out the information on the right, including your contact info, the molds and essential oils and additives you want, any other home items you want, and your shipping address for a quote. If you are local to the Dover, New Hampshire area, we can arrange pick-up. You are also more than welcome to send me an email with what you’d like, and your mailing address, on any social media platform we are on, and I will get you an invoice.

Once I receive your information, I will email you an invoice that will include your shipping charges. I generally ship First Class to the USA thru USPS, but if you would like Priority, or Expedited Shipping rates, please request that in your inquiry.

International shipping is also available.

Payment Information

Payment is required after invoice is received and reviewed. I will begin your custom order upon payment. It may take up to 7 days before your order is ready for shipping, as all orders are custom made and need time to set. Wholesale orders may require more time, depending on the size, and can be discussed during ordering.
Rush orders are available for a fee, please inquire during your initial email.

I do prefer payments to be made through Venmo, but I also accept Cash App and Paypal. All payments can be made to:, to @sassdeluxe, or thru the link in your invoice. Cash payments are always accepted in person.

**Disclaimer: We use both a vegetable glycerin base, or coconut milk, and only natural ingredients, to our soaps, which means no preservatives. Soaps that contain flowers, and other natural additives, may fade, “bleed”, or change color over time. Please keep this in mind if you are not using the soaps right away. Also, each soap is hand-poured, and therefor, no two will ever be exactly the same, but are made as-described.**

* All soaps are external use only. Sassy Soaps is not responsible for where you put your soaps, and what happens when you do. *

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