Adios Bad Day Soap


When you infuse ground Chamomile & Lavender in Sunflower, Olive & Hemp Seed oils, you are left with this amazing, gentle exfoliant, after you strain the oils out. Pair that with glycerin, Calendula, and Lavender and Chamomile Essential oils, and you’ve got one relaxing, super skin beneficial soap!
We made a small batch of these Adios Bad Day soaps, for when you just need something to soothe your tired skin and soul.

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This limited batch of 4oz. soaps was made with ground Chamomile & Lavender infused in Sunflower, Olive & Hemp Seed oils, veggie glycerin, Calendula oil, and Chamomile & Lavender Essential oils. The ground herbs give a gentle exfoliation, while the smell helps ease any bad day you’ve been dealing with. Think of this soap as an herbal punch of relaxation for your senses and skin.

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Weight 4 oz