“The Bag” Soaps

These are small, fun sets of our mini soaps.
All orders do include a soap
saver pouch/exfoliating sponge for you to use with them.

Customize with oils only, no additives will be added to mini’s.
Colors and shades of soaps will differ per batch and order.

The Crash Test Dummies Bag $9.
These (3) torso’s are made with Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Honey and Calendula Oils, Coconut Milk and activated Charcoal, and weigh in just over 3 oz.

The Beach Bag Soaps $15.
These black organza bags includes these (8) varying sea creature soaps, weighing in just under 5oz. total, and are made with a Coconut Milk base, and your choice of essential oils.

The Lucky Charms Bag Soaps $14.
(8) circular 4-Cleaf Clover Soaps, weighing in just under 6oz total, in varying shades of green, and made with a mix of vegetable glycerin, and coconut milk bases, with your choice of essential oils,

The Heart and Soul Bag Soaps $12.
(12) music notes in 3 shapes, weighing in just over 4 ounces. Made with your choice of vegetable glycerin or coconut milk, and essential oils. Shown here with exfoliating soap saving pouch.

The Dime Bag Soaps $10.
Each black organza bag includes (10) 0.25oz marijuana leaf soaps.
Coconut Oil used for (5), Clear Vegetable Glycerin for the other (5),
and your choice of essential oils.

The Slut Bag Soaps $12 ea.
(6) mini’s include: (4) hearts that say “Slut” “Blow Me” “Fuck Off” & “Fuck You”, the middle finger soap, and the dripping skeleton heart. Each color and pattern on each soap is truly unique, and no 2 will ever be the same. Sizes range, and each soap is approx 0.5 – 0.75 ounces each.
Go ahead, tell someone how you really feel!

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