The Molds

For our Sassy Soap Molds,
click here.

For our Naughty Soap Molds,
click here.

For our Kids Soap Molds,
click here.

For our Crystal Soaps,
click here.

For our ‘The Bag’ Soaps,
click here.

For The Staples,
click here.

Additives & Oils

Choose your favorite essential oils and natural additives here, with listed benefits of each.

Sassy Soaks

Check out our Sassy Bath Salt Soaks, or create your own custom soak here.

How To Order

Information on payment options, custom ordering and shipping here.

Ready-to-ship soaps can be found in our Storefront


Go ahead, get dirty.

All soaps are external use only. Sassy Soaps is not responsible for where you put your soaps, and what happens when you do.

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