Sassy Stuff For Sale

We have some amazing wares for sale. Some are hand-made by yours truly, and others are either from other small businesses, or repurposed items I gave new life to, and am keeping out of a landfill. All items can be found in our Storefront. Larger items and furniture is pick-up only.

White Sage Smudge Sticks

$9 ea. 4″ bundles with or without Eucalyptus
These white sage bundles also have Lavender, Cedar & Rose. I have some both with and without Eucalyptus, so please specify which one you want.
Bundles come with instructions. Abalone shells are also available, and are traditionally used to catch the ash from the stick, and are used to lay the used smudge stick in until it’s next use.
White sage instills tranquility and peace. Lavender brings peace of mind and promotes restfulness. Cedar branches are used for renewal, protection, and grounding. Rose is burned for love, luck, grief, and healing. Eucalyptus brings a calming, spa-like feel to your home.

Abalone Shells for Smudge Sticks

Abalone Shells $3 ea.
As stated above, these shells are traditionally used to catch the white sage ash as you are cleansing your space, as well as used to store your stick until the next use.

Wine Cork Coasters & Trivets

Wine lovers will enjoy these coasters (small trivets)) and large trivets. The smaller trivets/coasters are made with synthetic corks, and measure 4 inches in diameter (as seen in photos w/ the flutes).
The large trivets are made with real corks, and are 7 inches in diameter (as shown with the green bowl).
Small trivets/coasters: $8 ea.
Large Trivets: $20 ea.

Metal Magnets

$8 ea.
These metal magnets are all 2 inches – 3 inches, and add a fun pop of color to your fridge, file cabinet, or any other metal surface.

Mermaid Magnets, $8ea.
Qty: 3

Pineapple Magnets, $8 ea.
Qty: 2

Octopus Magnet, $8
Qty: 1

Pink Flamingo Magnet, $8 ea.
Qty: 2

Anchor Magnets, $8 ea.
Qty: 1 left

NH Magnet Sets

Set of (5) magnets, $13 ea.
These magnet sets include the 5 magnets, which measure 1 inch in diameter (besides the New Hampshire, which is 2″ long and 0.5″ tall), and represent our home state!

Nautical Beachy Bottle Koozies

These adorable bottle kooozies are insulated to keep the cold in, and the warm out, while containing the bottle “sweat” and drips. Can work with beer or water bottles. Grab one to throw in your beach bag and use it all summer long! Shipping is available.
Ocean Koozies: $12 ea.
Qty: 1 left!

Jute Starfish Hanging Lamps

These hanging lamps are handmade, and exclusive to Sassy! Fully assembled and wrapped here, these are adorned with white starfish, and your color choice of jute ribbon (we have black, green, blue or natural {shown} available), as well as a black or white cord.
Each cord measures 15 feet long, and comes with an on/off switch, as well as mounting/hanging hardware. Each lamp also includes an Edison light bulb (shown in photos)
Both these customizable lamps, as well as already-made options, are available in our Storefront.

Jute Starfish Lamp w/ black cord.
$64 w/ Edison bulb
Qty: 1

Jute Lamp w/ white cord
$64 w/ Edison bulb
Qty: 1

Vinyl Record Clock

This clock is a Sassy design, was made from the Power Station vinyl single, ‘Some Like It Hot’. I used Thivenny Guitar picks for the numbers, and a teal clock face. Clock is super light weight, and does take (1) AA battery (included). Shipping is available, and I will have more styles and clocks available soon!

Some Like It Hot Vinyl Clock

Qty: 1

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