Swamp Thing vs. Ghost Rider

I think this is it, what I have decided to call the first two Sassy Soap Society monthly soap options. I just finished pouring the samples, and am waiting for them to set before I can take photos. I may even use these two for the first (2) months, because it will take a bitContinue reading “Swamp Thing vs. Ghost Rider”

The Sassy Soap Society

So, what exactly is The Sassy Soap Society? Because ‘Soap of the Month’ Club is so 2000, the Sassy Soap Society brings you one of our artisanal soaps, every month, plus special discounts and contests just for SSS Members, to be used at any time, on any other Sassy Soap product. A secret room withContinue reading “The Sassy Soap Society”

The Birth of the Sassy ‘log

Hello everyone! After making hand poured soaps for more than 20 years, and not having many options for novelty soaps that are actually good for your skin, I created Sassy Soaps in April 2020. I wanted to start this platform as a place to share upcoming news and new products, new techniques I am trying,Continue reading “The Birth of the Sassy ‘log”